Software releases: Graphic view of QT

It is convenient , but there are still some implementation needed to actually realize the diagram editing canvas. The following demonstrate an example to show the following funcitonality

  • Drag / drop (move)
  • Select
  • Hover
  • Line connection (update: now the connecting line can follow the object now!)
There are still code to fill in order to make the line following objects on the canvas, and following is the snapshot of that app:
2013-07-15 15:47:53 +00001
Those items inside the snapshot are the diagram items, and the line indicates connection. Since the functionality of the line is not completed, the line tracking a moving object is now not working.
To try this demo from program, a mac program is shared by the following link:
(built under osx 10.7)
For windows user, you can directly compile the code.
The source is as follows:

The software depends on QT 4.8 and further, without other dependencies


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