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Serial port development

A good method to test on Serial port ==> com0com. Note that signed driver is necessary for windows 7/8


Convert from OPENCV Mat to OPENGL texture

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Detailed example of WxGLcanvas



Code bank: Code snippet app for server

Code snippet app for server


Python on mac

DirectShow setup for windows 7 / windows 8

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      2.1 将DirectShow解压,我的解压目录为D:\DirectShow;

      2.2 配置VS2010的项目”属性”:







       以管理员身份(开始->所有程序->附件->命令提示符(右键,以管理员身份打开,然后打开目标文档))打开C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Include目录


       typedef void *PVOID;

       typedef void *POINTER_64 PVOID64;


      #define POINTER_64 __ptr64

4.在CameraDS.cpp头添加: #include “stdafx.h”

Apple Swift language

Swift is a dynamic-programming language, in order to integrates different APPs, providing communication.




In the old days, C and C++ are one of the popular way to perform video and audio operations, although the resources are low. With the advance of libraries and the growth of new language, C/C++ are not the only language for signal processing and multimedia processing any longer. 


Matlab has been proven successful in signal processing ability, also with the ability to handle video and audio. However, Matlab is actually a very expensive resource to use, due to it’s price. The alternative, SCILAB, is actually having difficulties for full cross-platform manipulation for video and audio aspect. Now, a existing language, is trying to engage in the signal processing and video/audio processing field, which is the python.


Currently, interactive python has been developed (ipython) for the interactive python ability. Traditional coding mode is very inconvenient for multimedia developer, which interactive mode is a good way to solve the dellima. Companies such as Enthought is trying to take the chance and get into the packaging of python, while the charging is actually relatively higher for the open source language. But, that proves that python is actually very promising in signal processing field. It may be a resource worthy of noticing.

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