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Video driver issue on bootcamp for old macbook pro

If someone is trying to update the driver of windows for “MACbook boot camp” system, “Do not tries to install the latest windows driver (or driver from boot camp) for better computer hardware performance, especially in windows 8!”

For any version of bootcamp, the default driver (at least ATI driver) is actually faulty. It is usable, but there will be a lot of trouble when coming into computer games, and it will make your computer to be extremely slow on ATI graphic. Make sure that the video driver is directly downloaded from ATI/NVIDIA website if available, and remember to remove the bootcamp video driver to avoid wrong driver overtook control of your graphic card.

Finally, do not tries to update to the newest bootcamp for fun! The new bootcamp driver is for new macbook, and the performance will not be guaranteed on old macbook, for windows installation though.

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